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Essential Skills for Azure Administrators

When it comes to public cloud, Microsoft Azure is a top pick for many businesses, state and local governments, and educational facilities. Azure’s powerful collection of cloud services continue to evolve. Staying on top of the latest advances through training is critical for IT professionals.

As an Azure Administrator, you can take advantage of the many learning opportunities available through Microsoft to advance and expand your Azure skills and keep your organization ahead of the game.

What Skills Do Azure Administrators Need?

Three skills you need to have as an Azure Administrator include:

Cloud Computing
There should be some understanding in the core services Azure has to offer – networking, servers, databases, software function and how they apply to the cloud. If you have experience with AWS, transitioning into Azure is easy.

Microsoft Knowledge
A lot of offices are already using Office 365 and Powershell and chances are, as an Administrator, you have too. Having experience in these commonly used Microsoft Programs gives you a better understanding of how Azure can be integrated into them.

An understanding of open-source frameworks along with SQL Serve languages, HTML5, and Java will make you a more powerful Azure administrator.

The Fundamentals of Azure Application


IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) – Running Virtual Machines in the Cloud

As an Azure Administrator, you should have some knowledge and experience with Microsoft Hyper V and/or VMware/vSphere.

Whichever you work in you’ll likely be responsible for deploying VM’s into Virtual Networks, ensuring they are configured for the lowest cost, and have the latest security and back up protection.


A favorite Azure feature for Administrators who use it is the storage capabilities. When it comes to cloud storage, Azure is almost limitless, and Microsoft provides protocol to facilitate management. It is up to you as the Administrator to take the necessary steps to backup and secure data and configure archival storage.

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

If you want to truly excel as a Network Administrator, you’ll need to be able to understand and initiate the networking tasks required in Azure.

Some of these tasks include: deploying and configuring VM’s, planning and executing routing paths, and managing public and private IP addresses.

Great Azure Architecture should cover 4 key components including; security, performance, availability, and efficiency.


From start to finish security is paramount to having a successful Azure Architecture. The cloud works as a benefit because it is constantly updating its security thus providing you with advanced protection from a variety of threats. Keep in mind that it still falls on you to build security into your application.


High performance includes the ability to scale. With cloud-based architecture, scaling occurs dynamically based on application activity. If you keep performance and scalability in mind, you’ll be able to satisfy your customer service, while managing cost.


Successful availability requires a system that is specifically designed to maximize uptime and recover quickly from potential failures.


The last thing you want is wasted resources and/or cloud spending. The ability to monitor your architecture will help avoid overspend and inefficiency.

Next Steps for Azure Administrators

Azure AdministratorsEnsuring you are trained properly in Azure will not only save your company time and money, it will also save you unnecessary headaches. Microsoft offers some great online training; however, if you would rather have a more one-on-one approach and/or need to train more than just yourself, consider hiring professional IT Training services. For those who qualify, the training can be free or at very little cost.

At AboutXtreme, we are a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner and we provide free training in Azure for those who qualify. Are you a good fit? Fill out our survey here to find out (it takes less than a minute)!

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